Ali Sural

Musician,DJ,Producer. Born in Istanbul, Ali began his professional music career as a DJ at the age of 17. In 1991, he began playing the bass guitar and composing his own songs and lyrics. He worked as a resident DJ at Turkey’s popular vacation places and Istanbul’s in clubs (In example;1998-2002 Club 29 Antalya etc.). In the year 2003, he was one of the creators of Main Project. He composed the electronic and ethnic music of the band, took care of the musical arrangement and played the bass guitar. Still playing an active role in this projcet, Sural continues to his on stage performances. In 2004, he participated in the traditional ODTU Halıcı-Midi Computer Based Music and Composing Contest. On 2004, the theme of the contest was the Turkish Poet “Aşık Veysel” and Sural participated with his “Hatırlıyorum” piece and won the contest. In 2005, he participated in Bilkom’s “I can” music composition contest and got the third place with his “Hasat” piece. In 2005 his piece “Dream On” was included in the EMI’s “Future Sound Of Istanbul 3” album. In 2006-2007 he was hosting his own club and dance music radio show called “Logical Sound” on one of Turkey’s best radio’s Oxi-Gen. On 2006 he produced his ethnic house work “Istanbul is Calling” with the collaboration of clarinet player Hüsnü Şenlendirici. Then again in 2007, in EMI’s “Future Sound of Istanbul-House Workz” album, two pieces of Sural were included. These were jazzy and funky house pieces called “You Need Love” and “Music”. The same year Elec-Trip Records produced “Istanbul Calling Vol. 2” and Sural’s ethnic electronic works “Follow Me” and “Dem” were in the album. In 2007, again, Belgium’s Solheat Records produced Sural’s “Love Is The Answer” house genre piece. Along being one of the best sellers of the label, this song, was also in many of the European dance charts. In 2008, with a new collaboration with Soulheat Records, Sural’s house piece called “Heavenly” was published in Ministry of Sound UK’s “Housexy Ibiza” album. With this album, Sural’s work reached a wider market. Nowadays, Ali Sural is still reaching larger masses by collaborating with reputable dance music labels, publishing his own productions (house,deep house, tech house) and by his DJ performances. Additionally, he keeps performing with his band and prepares DJ sets to dance music radio channels. Labels : SoulHeat Records ( BE ) Minstry Of Sound ( UK ) Manchester Underground Music ( UK ) Quebolarecords ( ES ) Rabies Records ( TR ) Tempura Records ( CL ) Bootleg Beats ( DE ) Frech ( DE )

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